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Flat Motors

Flat motors

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The advantages of flat motors are:

  • in the compact and space-saving design
  • in the high running accurary and smoothness
  • in high efficiency

Single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors in flat design

Due to their compact and space-saving design HIMMEL® flat motors are ideal for milling, cutting, scoring, drilling, sawing, machining or grinding – both in complex machine systems in which high demands are placed on  running accuracy and power of the drive unit, and also in simple machine systems, where the emphasis is on an affordable and reliable drive solution. Our flat motors run faultlessly even under difficult conditions.

In the standard design the motors are designed for 50/100, 150, 200 or 300Hz. These designs cover a power range from 0.5 kW to 60 kW.
Flat motors are divided into five main groups:

Within these main groups there are further sub-groups that enable very individual interpretation of the motors. The motors are fully enclosed and surface cooled. Depending on the requirements they can be designed to the degree of protection: IP 54, IP 55 or IP 65. Lifetime lubrication of the flat motor bearings means that they are virtually maintenance free and user friendly.

Possible tool holders

  • Collet chucks according to DIN6388 or DIN 6499
  • Manual and automatic HSK clamping systems (HSK 40-80)
  • Hydro clamping systems
  • Hydro forming systems
  • Angular gear units
  • Other tool holders are available according to the customer’s request.

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