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Flat gear motors and flat gear units

Flat gear motors and flat gear units

Flat gear motors and gear units in shaft mounted design with a flange, adapter flange, splined, torque arm and shrink disk

HIMMEL®- flat gear motors are used to drive low speed machines. The design principle achieves low noise emissions and space-saving drive solutions due to the compact size of the design.

The cast iron gearbox housing is stable, vibration-damping, and designed for continuous operation. Oil leakage or ingress of dust is prevented by radial shaft seals equipped with a dust lip. The spur gear gears are machined and surface hardened. The tooth flanks are ground. Helical gear teeth achieve supreme running smoothness.
Features Unit Value
Power kW 0,18 to 160
Torque Nm 70 to 28000
Speed min1/rpm 0,2 to 358
Ratio 32,87 to 9117

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