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Biogas technology

GORATOR® – Biogas technology

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The GORATOR®– the innovation in biogas technology towards efficiency and reduction of operating costs

In the past years modern biogas plants face more and more increased requirements regarding efficiency and operating costs. The GORATOR® realizes in this regard a powerful development in the field of micro crushing biogas-substrates.
The decomposition of organic materials depends mainly of the surface, which means the active engaged area for the bacteria. Therefore the GORATOR® is the ideal tool to increase the gas output in quantity and quality.
Off course, the application of the  GORATOR® is also justified while changing to low energy crops (alternates towards maize and maize silages) or on repowering projects for existing older Biogas plants. As comfortable side effects you often experience the reduction of substrate layers in the digesters due to the homogenization, and a reduction of the necessary power of the agitator equipment.

Here the most important effects when using the GORATOR® in biogas plants:
√ Increase of the surfaces of the substrates for better engagement of the bacteria
√ Increase of the decomposition times in fermentation process
√ Increase of the gas yield
√ Activation of enzymes and micronutrients
√ Reduction of viscosity and homogenization of the substrates
√ Reduced power consumption of the agitators
√ Reduced feeding rates of substrates
√ Reduction of the operating costs

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