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Less water – lower disposal costs

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Unusable sludge must be collected and then disposed of. hoelschertechnic-gorator®  offers dewatering systems for reducing the sludge volume and simplifying handling. The cleaned water can be reutilised in the recycling process. The selection of the dewatering system depends on the quantity of sludge and the desired degree of dewatering.

Dewatering container

The dewatering container is equipped with a removable filter basket lined with a filter cloth. The filtrated water is drained between the outer casing and the filter basket. This container is used for compact dewatering of small quantities of regularly occurring sludge.

Chamber filter press – compact sludge guaranteed

A chamber filter press achieves optimal dewatering results at high throughput. A high-pressure pump conveys the sludge into the chambers. The cleaned water passes through the filter cloth and is redirected into the recycling system. The dried sludge is collected between the plates and falls into a receptacle.

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