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Recycling plant KSW


hoelschertechnic-gorator®GmbH & Co. KG
Venneweg 28 | 48712 Gescher | Germany

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KLÄRFIX® recycling plant KSW for ready-mixed concrete works and precast concrete factories

Many concrete factories permanently produce residual concrete and also rinsing water loaded with solids and active cement particles. This process water can be recycled thus reducing costs for fresh water and the disposal of waste water. In addition the solids can be reutilized.

  1. Concrete washout screw with special feeding hopper
  2. Control cabinet
  3. Solid discharge
  4. Overflow for fine solids/water mixture
  5. Decanting sump
  6. Agitation pool (underground basin or, as shown above, tower silo)
  7. buried beton basin
  • 8. Agitator
  • 9. Pipe to the truck mixer scaffold
  • 10. Flushing pipe washout screw
  • 11. Pipe for tower filling
  • 12. Pipe to the mixer
  • 13. Fresh water inlet
  • 14. Level switch for fresh water inlet
The mobile KLÄRFIX® plant KSWM

Completely pre-installed and ready for connection. Our mobile plant is a perfect solution for use on works where fast and simple installation is important.


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