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Energy Efficiency

The possibilities for an efficient application of the GULLIVER® system

The modern switching and control system results in energy savings, e.g. a reduction of the switching frequency, as well as a flow capacity depending on the presently given manometric pressure and the degree of utilization.

Adding compressed air to each transport process leads to the filling of the pressure pipe with an air-water mix. The manometric pressure at maximum flow rate within the pressure pipelines requires more energy for waste water transportation. With the possibly lower flow rates, a positive energy balance results for pneumatic waste water transportation, whereby the freshening effects through ventilation of the waste water and the purging of the piping system with air must be taken into account here.

The combination of pneumatic and hydraulic waste water transportation systems benefits from the advantages of each system. With low waste water quantities, transport takes place in line with the principle of pneumatic waste water transportation by means of compressed air. With high waste water quantities, the installed pump allows a high volume flow, whereby the project basics like excessive retention time of the waste water in the pressure pipelines have to be considered.

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