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FAQ – typical questions and problems relating to the pneumatic waste water transportation

Do any of the following points remind you of some questions you have or relate to problems you are experiencing? Then contact us! We are convinced that we can help you

  • Calculation of transportation capacities and pressure head
  • Energy conservation through the use of modern compressors and intelligent process controls
  • Cost comparison of the annual investment and operational costs for assessment
  • Integration of small pumping stations
  • Installation of compressors with high operating cycles and temperatures
  • Sound emission of compressors and high heat generation
  • Impermeability of slide valves
  • Pneumatic actuators for highest frequencies
  • Separation of aerosols in the biofilter>
  • Operation and energy optimisation by means of the installation of combined plants
  • Sedimentation in the pressure pipe
  • Drain skin formation

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