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THN Dewatering pumps

THN Dewatering pumps

High capacity and all-purpose submersible pumps for foul water

Failure safe submersible pumps for manifold tasks in the field of flushing and drainage. The THN pumps are fully submersible, equipped with permanently lubricated rolling bearings of high quality and double or triple acting shaft sealings. They are suited for applications ranging from basement drainage to waste water transportation of small to medium quantities.


Pump casings with pressure connections R 1 1/4” or R 1 ½” are available in combination with vortex impellers or open single channel impellers.

Die Wellenlagerung besteht aus verschleißfesten und dauergeschmierten Wälzlagern oder aus flüssigkeitsgeschmierten Gleitlagern aus Spezialkohle.

The shaft bearings consist of wear resistant and permanently lubricated rolling bearings or of fluid lubricated sliding bearings made of special carbon.

Double or triple shaft sealings – on request also a mechanical seal for THN 328 – ensure a reliable pump sealing.

Pumps for stationary installation are available with integrated automatic float switch.

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