We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their condolences.

Dear Business Partners, 

We continue to very much mourn the death of our father and Senior Managing Director Paul Lütkenhaus. It is difficult to so suddenly and unexpectedly lose such a well-liked person. 

Your condolences, regards, sympathies and warm words have touched us deeply. It is comforting to know just how much esteem, affection and friendship was afforded to our father. 
To know that so we have so many people behind us has given us an incredible amount of courage and energy to continue moving forward during this difficult time, just as he would have wanted. 
We would therefore like to extend our thanks to everyone who sent their sympathies and condolences in such a wonderful variety of ways as well as to those who were there to bid a final farewell to Paul Lütkenhaus. 

Kind regards, 
Nina Lütkenhaus, Petra Böing and the entire staff

The image was taken one day after the funeral of Paul Lütkenhaus.