CSA certification

Last week, the Canadian Standards Association-Group (short CSA) was part of a new inspection at HIMMEL® technologies.

This certification is required so that our HIMMEL® gear motors may also be introduced into the Canadian market. Especially for the US market, the CSA-group is also allowed to test products in the sense of UL (Underwrites Laboratories).

The certifier has accompanied internal testing of new products for one day. This is part of an extensive series acceptance test of the new H-motors as well as the new HIMMEL® tubular motor SLP150. Apart from detailed heating measurements of all motor sizes, physical stress tests with sensitive motor components are also carried out, up to overspeed tests >4000 1/min.

Considering the standardization according to UL and CSA, our new products may soon be labeled "cCSAus" and introduced into the North American market.