Cultural sponsor "Music affects a lifetime"

We did not hesitate for long when the music duo "Projekt Zeitgeist", consisting of Björn Schmitz and Jochen Stockhorst (both music therapists, curative education nurses and thoroughbred musicians), asked us some time ago if we would support them as a cultural sponsor for their project "Music affects a lifetime". We are now proud to call ourselves cultural sponsors, because the work that Björn Schmitz and Jochen Stockhorst do deserves every recognition and support.

In the meantime, the project has taken full speed and the seniors of the old people's homes St. Pankratius and Berkelaue in Gescher are taken on a musical journey through time during a 3-part cultural café to counteract forgetting.
It is not only about the musical experience, but also about sharing personal life stories around the city of Gescher. The project relies on the use of photographs to create a "cultural-historical map" that serves as a basis for further musical suggestions and impulses.
The goal is to create a collage of memories that will benefit not only the seniors, but also the general public. Because today we still have the chance to get first-hand information and thus revive the memories of the seniors.