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Waste water

The transportation of waste water and sewage

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Waste water and sewage transportation

The transportation and treatment on waste water and sewage are becoming steadily more demanding and specialised. Domestic, municipal and industrial waste water, sewage and sludge with high solids content must be conveyed at regular and irregular intervals over short and long distances. Decades of experience in the design and manufacture of sewage treatment plants are indicative of the high performance standard of hoelschertechnic-gorator® products for waste water disposal.

hoelschertechnic-gorator® designs and supplies customised solutions for our customers. Ideally designed and economic systems are provided based on the need and application:

Pneumatic waste water transportation (GULLIVER®)

• for the non-clogging and deposit-free transportation of waste water with the addition of oxygen and without putrefaction and odour nuisance

Hydraulic pumps

• high quality, proven hydraulic pump technology also with crushing capability

Compressed air station

• for the aeration of waste water where retention time is too long or for removing deposits in the pressure pipe

Sewage works

• from the planning over the production, delivery and assembly up to the servicing and maintenance


• collection and transportation of waste water below the backflow level

Control/Remote control technology

• Automation, error message transmission and process visualisation based on the requirements and customer needs, taking into account proven standard solutions

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