The Group as an employer

As a member of staff in group of companies you will have the opportunity to grow - yourself and the company. We rely not only on people with extensive experience, but also on dynamic new entrants to the field. Following the principle “challenge and stimulate”, we count on committed teamwork and invest in targeted training and development. Performance-linked pay and a fair work/life balance are an essential part of this.

Motivation and enjoyment of the job are important to us. Our company culture aims to ensure the conditions are right so that each and every employee can feel this way. As it is only if everyone is prepared to put all their energies into the company can be realise our common goal - sustainable success.

Intentionally short decision making paths ensure a maximum possible degree of flexibility. This also mean our employees can contribute to shaping internal processes. Thanks to our goal-oriented, internal company improvement and suggestion system, we provide everyone the ability to put forward their ideas and suggestions and thus actively contribute to forming our company culture.

As a family-run business, solidarity and team sprit play key roles. We constantly strive to improve these through numerous events that are open to all and through our internal company communications.