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Drive technology

Drive technology

HIMMEL®-gear motors are stable, vibration-damping, and designed for continuous operation. They have a wide range of applications. Their characteristics such as stability of value and robustness make them a long-term investment.
HIMMEL®-drum motors are used for driving fixed or portable conveyors for the transport of bulk goods of various kinds. They also find use in beltless transport facilities. HIMMEL®- has always discovered further applications in drive technology due to its space-saving design and its good adaptability to the given operating conditions. HIMMEL®-drum motors have been used with great success for decades in many areas of conveyer technology.
Due to their compact and space-saving design HIMMEL® -flat motors are ideal for milling, cutting, scoring, drilling, sawing, machining or grinding. Our flat motors run faultlessly even under difficult conditions.

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