The HIMMEL® Servolectric High-Speed-Stacker ES_854 has been specially developed for container glass transport in the hollow glass industry. It is used for loading the annealing lehr with glass items. The movement of the Stacker is controlled with three freely programmable servo axes. The flexible options for configuring each axis allows you to achieve the optimal stacking motion for unstable glass items. Customers around the world trust in our products for the glass industry due to our decades of experience in this sector.



Business Unit Manager
Tobias Bengfort
+49 (0) 2542 910 399

Technical Sales
Helmut Frieling
+49 (0) 2542 910 257


  • Solid machine frame
  • All three axes are in a closed loop, for position- and speed control
  • Automatic synchronization of transversal axes speed to the cross conveyor
  • Variable programming of movement speeds and positions
  • Integrated water cooling
  • Low maintenance using central lubrication
  • Software languages options: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech and Italian


  • Container glass industry
  • Bottle production
  • Vial production
  • Pharma glass


  • Dimensions L/W/H 1900/1650/1650 mm
  • Connected power: 5.0 kW
  • Weight: 850 kg


Stacking arm

  • Bar length: max. 5.0 m
  • Transversal stroke: 550 mm to 1 m/s
  • Longitudinal stroke: 450 mm to 1 m/s
  • Lifting stroke: 450 mm to 1 m/s