Waste water elevating plants

In waste water elevating plants that conform to DIN 1986, the waste water that causes the development of bad odours is collected in closed tanks. If equipment is situated below the backflow level, then water must be drained via an automatic elevating pump.

Elevating plants from Hoelschertechnic-gorator® are regularly tested according to DIN 18200 for DIN EN 12050-1 compliance by LGA and are therefore approved for use in closed spaces.

The elevating systems have been specially developed to provide reliable drainage for the area of use. The spherical clearance of the vortex pumps of 70 to 105 mm guarantees almost entirely blockage free transportation of waste water containing rough, fibrous and stringy contaminants.

The design using grinder pumps allows for the disposal of waste water even where heights are great and for pipe diameters from as small as DN50.

The waste water elevating plants have a compact and robust construction and are easy to maintain with several large service openings. Our own in-house design and production facilities allow us to flexibly adapt to your requirements and, if needed, put together an economical special bespoke hoelschertechnic-gorator® solution.

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  • LGA certified
  • Compact and robust design
  • Large service openings
  • Proven standard design sizes
  • Either single or double plant
  • Bespoke dimensions according to customer requirements
  • Choice of materials based on customer requirements


  • Waste water transportation and elevating plants
  • Apartment blocks, housing developments
  • Hospitals, schools, office buildings
  • Underground parking garages, underground stations
  • Toilet systems

Features and technical data

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  • NSK waste water elevating plants
  • NSG submersible pumps
  • GORATRON grinder pumps