Our group of companies represents a wide spectrum of skills upon which more and more customers around the world choose to rely. Whether developing individual components or turnkey plants - the companies of HIMMEL® technologies provide solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.

All companies work closely together to implement complex projects. What makes us special: Throughout the entire process, from planning and production, assembly and commissioning, through to turnkey handover, you always have the same contact person. This hugely improves collaboration between our customers and ourselves and contributes to the successful completion of projects.

We are a family business in its 3rd generation

Paul Lütkenhaus led the group successfully for more than 50 years. Through his forward-looking and responsible leadership, the group has continued to grow from success to success. As history shows, he was able to strengthen the group’s market presence through a diverse range of acquisitions and the purchasing of majority stakes.

After his sudden death in March 2021 his daughter Nina Lütkenhaus became sole Managing Director of the group of companies.

After completing her studies in industrial engineering and spending time working in as a project engineer in Recklinghausen, Nina Lütkenhaus joined the company is 2015. Since 2018 she has also been a managing partner and, together with her father, guided the fortunes of the group. She brings with her the ideas of a new generation.

Alongside Nina Lütkenhaus, Petra Böing (nee Lütkenhaus), also joined the family company after completing her studies in business administration in 2007. She worked for a long period in procurement and is now responsible for corporate communication and marketing.