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Drum motors

Drum motors

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HIMMEL®-Conveyor Drum Motors are used for driving fixed or portable conveyors for the transport of bulk goods of various kinds. They also find use in beltless transport facilities. The HIMMEL®-Conveyor Drum Motor has always discovered further applications in drive technology due to its space-saving design and its good adaptability to the given operating conditions. HIMMEL®-Conveyor Drum Motors have been used with great success for decades in many areas of conveyer technology.
Some of the features that characterize the high technical level are:

  • Drum diameter in 14 different diameters ranging from 60 mm to 800 mm
  • Power ranging from 0.03 kW to 132 kW
  • Drum lengths of 320 mm to 2000 mm depending on the diameter
  • Belt speed of 0.05 m/s to 4.5 m/s
  • Drum body can be supplied in crowned or cylindrical designs.
  • All motors can be supplied completely or partially made from stainless steel.
  • Protection up to IP 67 are availablel.
  • Electrical windings designed to ISO Class F
  • Special voltages and frequencies are available on request.
  • Drum motors are filled with oil for cooling and lubrication.
  • The degree of efficiency is above 97%.
  • The gear unit is very robust, as only hardened and ground gears made from steel are used.

The following extras are available for special conditions:

  • Frequency converter
  • Magnetic brakes
  • Back stops
  • Rubber coatings
  • Belt drives
  • Brush motors

We also provide the corresponding idlers and clamping bearings matched to each drum motor.

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