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Applicatons of GORATOR®

hoelschertechnic-gorator® GmbH & Co. KG
Venneweg 28 | 48712 Gescher | Germany

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The efficient wet processing machine for applications in chemical, industrial and municipal areas


Applications (Extract)

  • Mixing and transport of cellulose-acetate solutions
  • Homogenising of colour pigments in liquids
  • Homogenising and transport of crystal suspensions
  • Mixing of viscous media at a temperature of 250° C
  • Grinding of PVC in the production process
  • Intense mixing of oil with small quantities of acid
  • Insulin production
  • Grinding of coke in tar oils
  • Homogenising of tar in ammonium hydroxide
  • Grinding of fruits and vegetables for juice extraction or destillation
  • Homogenising of raisins and vinegar for an East-Asian sauce production
  • Comminuting and transporting of wastes from abattoirs
  • Mixing of liquid and pasty waste products
  • Surface enlargement of particles to improve the dissolving qualities
  • Glue production
  • Homogenising of cosmetic products
  • and many other applications

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