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Gorator Basic Principle

GORATOR® – the basic principle

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The GORATOR® can crush, defribrate, grind, mix, homogenize and feed. In short, it processes your medium using a variety of physical and mechanical methods, whereas at least two phases in the treatment process must be available.

An angular disk rotates in a cylindrical housing and the resulting movement causes both an acceleration of the medium in the axial and in the radial direction. These overlaying movements of the product generate thrust and shear stress, which depending on the medium and its viscosity lead to an intensive mixing and conveyance.
Solids are transported by force into the radial and axial groovings and crushed by the teething geometry of the rotor disc. Through the rotation of the rotor disc the product receives centrifugal force, similar to a centrugal pump, and is finally transported through the pressure outlet. The product first has to pass the so called stator.

The stator consists of slot segments and bushing segments. These segments guarantee a previously defined maximum particle size of the GORATOR® discharge.

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