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Process water recycling in the concrete industry – system KLÄRFIX®

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Why use a  hoelschertechnic-gorator® process water recycling plant?

Many concrete factories are permanently producing residual conrete and also rinsing water loaded with solids or active cement particles. This process water can be recycled thus reducing costs for fresh water and the disposal of waste water. In addition the solids can be reutilized.


Modular design allows individual solutions

Our concrete recycling plants consist of modular components which can be combined to suit the type of waste water contamination and the desired reutilization. The washout screw removes the coarse materials, sand and gravel, for reutilization. Depending on the required degree of purification, the sedimentation tower, the cyclone and the lamella clarifier continue to separate smaller solids from the waste water stream. The pH-value is regulated by a neutralising unit. In order to minimise the costs for disposal the remaining solid volume is reduced by dewatering and thickening processes. Various dewatering components such as sedimentation towers, dewatering containers or chamber filter presses are available for this purpose.

hoelschertechnic-gorator® recycling plants where the process water and ingredients are completely recycled.


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