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Sedimentation tower

The KLÄRFIX® sedimentation tower KSE for ready-mixed conrete works and precast concrete factories

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Slurry containing solid substances occur in many areas of the stone and earth industry. This slurry must be clarified in order to return it to a closed circuit again.

To meet this demand economically and technically, thickeners were developed that handle high clarification surface loads economically. In many cases, thickeners are the central core of individual solutions


KSE-function diagram

he collected slurry is conveyed to the sedimentation tower via submersible pumps. The mass is spread gently and evenly via a baffle located at the top of the tower.

An inside cylinder forms the sedimentation track inside the thickener.

With a flow reverse on the bottom of the inside cylinder a flocking filter forms that further enhances sedimentation.

A overflow channel allows the clear water to be discharged under hydraulically favourable conditions.
The sludge is discharged from the cone via a manual and a pinch valve. A slowly rotating rabble rake driven from below assists with the sludge discharge.

Our services in detail:

  • Clarification of sludges with mineral solid substances of different origin
  • High clarification surface loads with good profitability
  • Clear water from the thickener, perfectly suited to re-enter the recycling circuit
  • High degree of thickening of the separated sludge possible
  • Efficient dewatering which minimises water losses and disposal costs for the sludge
  • High operating reliability through fully automatic process control and minimised operating materials

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