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Products for the container glass industry – Plunger

Product container glass industry


Servo-pneumatic plunger control system with integrated process

An important step in the glass container production is the pre-forming (shaping of the mouth) of the hot glass tub at about 1100° C using a device known as the plunger mechanism. This mechanism is located on the blank side of the glass container forming machine. The function of the mechanism is decisive for the quality and strength of the glass containers.

Advantages of HIMMEL® plunger system

  • Variable programing of the of the output, charging and maximum position without mechanical changes
  • Variable programing of glass deformation rates
  • Absolute displacement and force measurement over the entire stroke of the plunger enables complete transparency of the glass deformation in each individual pre-forming operation.
  • Optimal formation of the mouth and prevention of wrinkles using numerous individually programmable individual parameters
  • Display and storage of all drop weight fluctuations per plunger – both between plungers inside / outside and between individual stations
  • Rejection of defective products by monitoring the pressure curve progression over infinitely programmable tolerance bands and automatic drop weight control by achieving a very precise mathematical mean value
  • Statistical acquisition and print-out of all preform production data, such as: Drop weight fluctuations per station and plunger, drop weight per plunger and the number of cut and successfully processed drops in the preform
  • Display of possible errors via a diagnostic program
  • Improved quality of the glass containers produced and a reduction in the number of rejects
  • Increased process speed

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