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Products for the container glass industry – Stacker

Servo hydraulic high-speed stacker type ELC852

All three axes are traversed in a closed speed and position control loop so that at any time absolute reproducibility of all movements can be guaranteed regardless of external environmental influences.

  • Automatic synchronization of transverse stroke speed to the cross belt
  • Practical interlocking of all three controlled axes to each other
  • Variable programing of speeds and positions
  • Variable, custom programming of the acceleration and deceleration ramps of all three servo-controlled axes
  • Minimum cycle time 3.0 seconds
  • Hand-held terminal for parameter adjustment
  • BSoftware operating language in German, English and French
  • Ethernet TCP/IP interface for connection to a LAN system
  • Work programs written on the PC can be transferred to the stacker or from the stacker to the PC via the network
  • Solid machine frame with integrated cross stroke and longitudinal lifting frame
  • Hydraulic unit to supply the three moving axes with oil pressure
  • Control cabinet with integrated control electronics

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