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Automation and telecontrol

The automation of the GULLIVER® pneumatic waste water pumping system

Automation technology

A large amount of data is generated in a pneumatic pumping system and this data must be evaluated and possibly visualised in different forms. The range of electrical engineering products from hoelschertechnicgorator ® enables ingenious practical and user-friendly solutions to be developed for specific requirements and customer expectations.

The operating units

In the standard version the pneumatic pump station is controlled by a SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200 programmable logic controller (PLC) using the SIEMENS SIMATIC OP 77B operating and monitoring unit. For a more extensive range of connections and functions the S7-300 series is offered as an option.

This variant incorporating a user-friendly and generously sized touch panel completes the control variants and meets the highest standards. The variants mentioned above represent only a small example of the possible delivery range. Further individual solutions custom tailored to customer requirements are available on request.

The telecontrol

The transfer of operating and error messages, for example with the error message FWM1, provides for a cost effective solution. Error messages can be sent to different receivers via the public telephone network or the GSM network. It is advisable to carry out the communication by means of bus technology for direct data transmission between PLCs and remote control technology. Diverse couplings are possible.

The process control technology

The control centre software offers a powerful unit for data acquisition and analysis as well as for logging. The use of the control centre software allows a comfortable and user-friendly management of all connected RTUs.

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