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Odourless transportation of waste water and faeces using the GULLIVER® system

  • The waste water in the pressure pipe line remains in an aerobic state and thus odourless. The formation of hydrogen sulphide is prevented. This avoids biogenous sulphuric acid corrosion at the transitional shafts.
  • Complete depletion of pre-shaft, vessel and pressure pipe, clogging-free operation without sedimentation.
  • Little maintenance and work without clogging as the waste water does not come into contact with rotating parts.
  • High manometric heads of up to 100 to 130 m
  • Safe and clean handling as the staff of the pneumatic transportation sewage plant has no direct contact with the waste water. As there is no point at which the waste water in the plant comes into contact with the atmosphere, anti-explosion safety measures are not necessary.
  • High cost effectiveness due to lower electrical currents and lower maintenance charges.
  • Determination of the quantity of transported waste water by measuring the vessel fills.
  • Installation of the pressure pipe adapted to the terrain.

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