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Odourless transportation of waste water and sewage using the GULLIVER® system

The advantages of a pneumatic waste water elevator plant result in a range of applications especially suited to the GULLIVER® system.

Long pressure pipes and therefore large pipe volumes

Due to oxygen injection the waste water in the pressure pipe remains aerobic and odourless despite the fact that it stays in the pressure pipe lines for long period of time. The pressure pipe is regularly flushed empty.

Examples of application:

  • Slosing of small-sized sewage plants and transportation to a central sewage plant
  • Connection to distant settlements are also possible

High geodetic transportation heights, even with low flow rate
The compressors offer high pressure reserves up to 10 bar (standard) or 13 bar (high pressure version).

Examples of application:

  • Installation in mountainous areas
  • Installation of the pressure pipe adapted to the terrain.

Irregularly waste water flow rates

The plant is able to handle the desired maximum amount of waste water. The transportation process in our elevator plant depend only on the actual amount of waste water present in pipe, regardless of the flow velocity in the pipe line. The daily emptying of the pipe line guaranties a deposit-free operation.

Examples of application:

  • touristic areas, for example camping sites
  • recreational areas, for example leisure parks
  • motorway service areas
  • mixed sewage water systems with large sealed surfaces
  • partially completed construction projects where plant extensions may be needed at construction’s end

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