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The GULLICOMB® system – a combination with hydraulic pumps

With the GULLICOMB® system, hoelschertechnic-gorator® combines the positive characteristics of a pneumatic and a hydraulic waste water pumping station. This type of technology is preferred when heavily fluctuating waste water quantities are transported. Especially if a mixed system is used for drainage in communal waste water engineering, large waste water quantities accumulate after a rainfall or subsequent drainage of the rainwater basin.
The control of the pumping station enables the expedient interaction of pneumatic and hydraulic waste water transportation. GULLICOMB® system does not neglect the advantages of pneumatic waste water technology. The use of the pump may not impair the project basics of a waste water transportation system without biogenic sulphur corrosion and odour nuisance. The switching and controlling station allows reliable and safe adjustment to the different operating statuses.

With low waste water quantities, transport takes place in line with the principle of pneumatic waste water transportation by means of compressed air with all its advantages. In case of high wastewater volumes, the installed pumps enable a high volume flow with at the same time very good energy efficiency. By means of compressed air, the compressors ensure daily drainage, rinsing and cleaning of the pressure pipe.

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