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Components of the pneumatic waste water transportation system GULLIVER®

As a machine and plant manufacturer, hoelschertechnic-gorator® uses the experience gained in numerous projects to optimise processes, components and technical details for application. The advantages of the GULLIVER® system result from the total of its individual components.

The vessel
Deposits in waste water vessels are largely avoided with the connecting pipe installed tangentially at the lowest point. Large head and/or manhole openings guarantee comfortable maintenance and serviceability.

Measuring in the vessel
The capacity fill level measuring in the vessel ensures that the rated content of the vessel is transported into the pressure pipe. This avoids transporting operations with incompletely filled vessels and also improves energy efficiency in transport.

Compressed air generation
Compressors adapt their transporting pressure to the pressure conditions in the pressure pipes due to their high transporting pressure reserve and can thus also counteract possibly developing clogging in the pressure pipe.

The fittings
Clamped slide gate valves with short installation lengths in connection with reliable pneumatic drives for high pulse frequencies ensure complete pipe passage without flow restriction in connection with a space-saving design as well as easy and comfortable maintenance.

Biofilters for sound insulation

The special sound insulator developed for pneumatic transport reduces the noise level in the flash to the lowest levels. The construction design of the sound insulation as biofilter prevents odour formation caused by the air that escapes from the vessel during filling and flashing the vessel and effectively avoids the formation of aerosols.

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