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Goratron Grinder Pumps

GORATRON Grinder Pumps

Pressure drainage by high-capacity GORATRON submersible grinder pumps

Normally in residential areas with low population figures or complicated territorial circumstances the costs for waste water systems are extremely high as they require pipelines with large cross sections. The GORATRON grinder pumps represent a reasonable technical alternative. They reduce in split seconds the solids in the waste water and by this way the costs for special material and piping systems.


GORATRON pumps are suited for clear and foul water as well as for waste water with solids and fibres. The special form of the cutting device catapults all foreign substances, which cannot be reduced, away from the suction hole thus hindering them from entering the cutting machinery.

The installation of piping systems as of size DN 32 is possible without problems.

Shaft made of chrome steel with permanently lubricated rolling bearings. Sealing by two mechanical seals (as of pump type Goratron 20) – silicon carbide/silicon carbide and carbon graphite/chrome steel.

Fully submersible pressure proof motors. On request also available in Ex-design and with temperature control for the winding.
Impeller as open multi-channel impeller with cutting device made of steel for reducing the solids.

Both transportable and stationary pumps are available in standard design.

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