KLÄRFIX® process water treatment

Many concrete and stone processing facilities constantly generate excess and waste quantities of concrete as well as rinsing water containing solid matter and active cement content. The waste process water can be recirculated in order to minimise costs for fresh water and waste water disposal. The solid matter contained in this water can be easily recovered and returned to the material flow if the water is immediately treated.

Process water recycling systems from hoelschertechnic-gorator® are built using components that are manufactured in-house and clean the waste water produced based upon the type of contamination and desired form of reuse. You determine the quality of water you need and we use our module system and the KLÄRFIX® formula to determine the technology required!


Use our KLÄRFIX® formula to solve your process water problems!

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hoelschertechnic-gorator® KLÄRFIX®


Technical Sales
Peter Koch
+49 (0) 2542 916 123


Technical Sales
Thomas Keller 
+49 (0) 2542 916 125 


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Advantages that will convince you

  • Complete recycling with 100% reuse of a water and sand/gravel
  • Proven technology guarantees a high level of operational reliability and availability
  • A range of setup variations possible
  • High washout capacity with secure cut-off size
  • Heavy design for robust, low wear and long-lasting operation
  • Extensive modular system
  • Bespoke solutions based on customer requirements


  • Ready-mixed concrete production
  • Precast concrete element production
  • Concrete and paving stone production
  • Concrete wall construction systems
  • Stone processing

Washout screws

  • Washout volume up to 30 m³/h
  • Secure cut-off size 0.2 mm
  • Constant throughput and separation rate
  • Robust, low wear and durable

Agitator equipment

  • Various versions with
    high or low pools
  • Agitators for
    deposit-free operation
  • Service bridges
    and pool covers
  • Submersible pumps and cranes

Complete mobile washout system

  • For use in different locations or on construction sites
  • Fully preinstalled and tested
  • Washout volume up to 10 m³/h
  • Secure cut-off size 0.2 mm
  • Robust, low wear and durable


  • Cut-off size up to 20 µm
  • Throughput 20 m³/h
  • Used for reducing
    watertightness in residual water
  • Mobile use with trailer
    for operation in different areas
  • Feed via submersible pump

Sedimentation tower

  • Many standard sizes
    up to 50 m³
  • With mounting feet
    or skirt support
  • Single or double-walled
    for winter operation
  • Agitator prevents sedimentation
    around the edges

Sludge drainage

  • Large throughput
  • Highest drainage capacities
  • Design as chamber filter press
    or membrane filter press
  • From manual to fully-automatic
  • Turnkey container installation


  • Version using environmentally-friendly
    COgassing available
  • Design as agitator tank
    or loop reactor
  • Version using conventional
    HCI dosing
  • Versions for continuous
    or batch operation

Lamella separator

  • Space-saving sedimentation
  • High efficiency
  • Proven countercurrent process